Want More At-Bats for Your B2B Sales Team?

Outsourced Lead Generation with PipeSprout

 We handle prospecting and personalized email outreach to generate initial interest.

Your reps handle the calls, meetings, demos, and requests for proposals that we generate.



How the Process Works: Initial Setup

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

All plans include prospecting, database building, and personalized email outreach. Higher tiers include account based marketing, predictive analytics, sub-targets/campaigns and more.

Step 2: Define Your Target

Fill out an initial form to define your ideal target audience. For more complex and nuanced programs (technologies installed, different messages for different buyer personas, target account lists, etc.) a 30 minute setup call is recommended.

Step 3: We Craft the Message and Deploy Campaigns

Our experienced team of B2B marketers and sales execs creates and executes a series of personalized drip email sequences based on your content and value proposition and each prospect's digital body language. You then get...

How the Process Works: Your Outcomes

Email Responses = Warm Leads

Email replies can be automatically forwarded to you from interested prospects for your reps to follow up with, or you can access a shared email inbox.

Calls, Demos, and Meetings Setup

We partner with Calendly, a shared calendar app that takes the hassle out of coordinating call times. Or, call/meeting requests can be left for your team to finalize once interest has been shown.

Database of Targeted Contacts

We integrate with most CRM systems or can provide a CSV or Google sheet of all prospect contact info.

Final Step: Feedback Loop

Regular reports are delivered on the overall program. You provide us conversion feedback on the leads. Opening up a new sales territory, or adding a new product, piece of content, etc? We can add it in. We've now built a predictable revenue producing engine through outsourced lead generation!

Don’t rely on Inbound or Content Marketing alone. And don’t have your reps waste time prospecting, digging around LinkedIN, finding contact info, and trying to create initial interest through cold outbound email. Your highly compensated sales pros should be on the phone or meeting with qualified prospects. Ramp up your sales engine with outsourced lead generation with PipeSprout instead.


Build Your Outbound Sales Plan

Choose the number of quarterly contacts. Each plan comes with list building and personalized
drip email sequence, lead forwarding, and shared email inbox. Select additional
campaign add-ons like appointment setting, canned responses, sub-campaigns and predictive analytics.

Pricing starts at just $1500/quarter.


0 $ /quarter

Thanks, we will contact you soon

Select additional campaign add-ons for $500 each.

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Campaign Add Ons - $500 each


Additional sub-campaigns (separate List Build + Email Sequence)

Shared Calendar and Appointment
setting (demo, call, meeting)

Canned Responses (We will craft 2 responses to common questions/objections prospects and follow up)

Predictive Analytics

You need to select an item to continue


Final cost

The final price per quarter is :



Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :/quarter




Is this SPAM?

No, this is not SPAM.  There are personalized, one-to-one, B2B emails. Straight from the FTC’s CAN-SPAM Act, the main requirements for business to comply are:

  1. Don’t Use False or Misleading Header Information (We don’t)
  2. Don’t Use Deceptive Subject Lines (We don’t)
  3. Identify the Message as an Ad (We do)
  4. Tell recipients where you are located (We do)
  5. Tell recipients how to opt out (We do)
  6. Honor the opt outs (We do)
  7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf (We do and also give full transparency to you)

Do we approve the email sequences and messaging before campaigns are deployed?

Yes, it is a collaborative process. PipeSprout works with your team up front to understand your content and messaging and crafts email sequences based on our email marketing and sales experience. You approve the campaign before it goes live.

Where do the emails come from?

We set up a separate business account for each campaign. The sales outreach is one-to-one and personalized (no “mail merge”, etc.).

Can I buy a campaign targeting more than 3K names a quarter?

No, not initially.  We’ve found this limit allows us to personalize one-to-one emails and caps the volume of outbound sales emails in a given day/month to a reasonable level.  This improves deliverability, response rates, and builds the reputation of the mailbox we set up. This can cap can increase over time.

What are Canned Responses?

Together we will craft responses to two common questions/objections prospects have before agreeing to a call or talking to a rep. This often includes sending over routine additional information such as a media kit or overview PPT, pointing to a blog post or white paper, etc. There is always a call to action at the end of each email to talk to a rep, and automatic follow ups to ensure the lead does not go cold. This can help push the prospect along the process before passing off to a rep.

What is Predictive Analytics?

PipeSprout works with third party tech and data partners to identify accounts that have a higher probability of converting based on your defined target profile. For instance we can identify accounts that have certain web technologies installed, have recently installed or removed competitors or partners of yours, etc.  We work with you up front to determine if this is a good option for your company.

How do you handle appointment and demo setting?

If you choose the appointment setting option, we set up a shared Google calendar and partner with Calendly to manage the process. This is the most frictionless way for busy prospects to self-book a mutually agreeable call slot.

Why are your programs 3 months long?

We take time up front to understand your messaging, content, and value proposition in order to craft effective subject lines/messaging, and intelligently build the prospect lists. We don’t “blast out” to thousands of contacts as some providers do.  We have a carefully orchestrated and personalized email outreach plan, including timed follow ups over a series of weeks and A/B testing to optimize along the way.  If you choose sub-campaigns, predictive analytics, or demo/appointment setting this also takes additional time to yield the best results. The hope is to build a long term partnership.